By working with Brightway Asset Management, not only will you receive personal service, access to a firm with extensive contacts and technology driven trading strategies, you will also earn minority credits for your company.

Area of Services Include:

Execution of Listed/OTC Stock Orders & Basket Orders

We have extensive experience and market knowledge that is needed to facilitate exceptional execution of equity transactions. We offer a variety of methods to reliably execute your orders.

Block Trading

Our goal is to execute block trades for stocks that are either liquid or illiquid, with little or no adverse impact on the market. We strive to work anonymously and expeditiously on your behalf to seek the best available price, all while protecting your positions and orders.

Algorithmic Trading

In a partnership with third party vendors, we offer an agency front-end platform with algorithmic trading and direct market access capabilities. Our clients may execute single stock and list trades through their choice of electronic execution venues or through a suite of algorithms. This provides our clients with added electronic trade execution efficiency and liquidity.


Global Equities & Fixed Income

We have established client commission arrangements with some of the world’s largest global equities and fixed income sell-side desks. Some of our customers place orders directly with our global alliances. This allows our customers to satisfy their global equities and fixed income execution requirements while obtaining minority brokerage credits.


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