By working with Brightway Asset Management, not only will you receive personal service, access to a firm with extensive contacts and technology driven trading strategies, you will also earn minority credits for your company.

Area of Services Include:

Soft Dollars

Soft dollar arrangements are marketed to select asset managers on a negotiated dollar ratio, based on gross commissions. We can provide money managers with various third-party research on a soft-dollar basis.

Commission Recapture Programs

Commission recapture programs are marketed to plan sponsors. We offer a competitive rebate ratio as a percentage of gross commissions. Our complete record keeping services, which include monthly trade and commission breakdowns, accompany the rebates. We can customize arrangements based on each fund’s unique goals and requirements.

Transition Management

The Company has developed strategic alliances with some of the world’s largest transition management providers. We strive to manage every facet of your transition, whether the transition involves a single portfolio re-balance or a complex restructuring of various asset classes. Through post-trade analysis, we compare execution prices to its pre-transition asset prices and other standard benchmarks, as requested by our clients.

FIX Connectivity

Our trading desk maintains FIX connectivity with various institutional clients and independent floor brokers. These electronic networks enable us to receive orders and transmit executions directly to our clients’ trading applications. We can automatically transmit our clients’ orders to major stock exchanges and liquidity centers.


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